Notion Templates

Creating notion templates to better manage and improve your life

Advanced Birthday Tracker

Input the name and birthdate of your loved ones and get details such as:

  • Next Birthday

  • Next Birthday date (Ex: Monday, Thursday)

  • How many days are left for their birthday

  • Their age (Ex: 25)

  • Their exact age (Ex: 25.4)

Simple Progress Tracker

Input the name, the value, and the max value of a task to get a perspective on how much you have completed from this task as progress and percentage. This template is useful:

  • To keep track of how many pages you've read from a book

  • To keep track of how many videos you've watched from a course

  • To keep track of how many tasks you've completed from a project

20 best ted talks (FREE)

The best Ted talks to make your life better and be more productive. This template includes 20 youtube videos as a list, so you can keep track of which videos you've watched.

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